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Specialty model kits for the discerning collector


I have been producing scale model kits for over 30 years for the model railroading hobby. The materials used vary from Hydrocal plaster to cast resin for the major components with the remainder of the kits comprised of wood, styrene and metal. Most kits are of the craftsman type, but some are designed for the beginner.


Purchases may be made using PayPal or you may send a check or money order. Please do not forget to include the proper shipping fee. See the shipping schedule for amounts.


The current offerings are in O scale (1/4” to the foot), HO scale (3.5mm to the foot) and Gn15 (nominally ½” to the foot). Most kits are of the limited production variety. When the run is sold out, there will not be any more for quite some time, if at all.


My models reflect the environment and the effect this has on the materials. I sculpt my patterns to reflect age, rot, water damage, and structural fatigue as well as failure. The textures are rich and are brought to life with color stains. Some structures actually have a lean to one side. I do not do sterile laser cutting, but works of art. That is why some of my kits seem to be more expensive at times. All of this handwork is tedious, but it makes my kits look like they were built from scratch. In a way, they were! You just need to assemble them. Extensive painting instructions are included to guide you along the way.


I encourage everyone to join the yahoo group Yorke_Kits ( This is the forum where my new products are introduced, ideas are exchanged and questions may be asked to either me or group members. It is a very helpful and informative forum. I not only want you to purchase my kits, but to build them also. If you need help, this is where to go. Someone on the group is always willing to answer your questions and guide you through a tough spot.

For now, I wish to keep this site very simple and user friendly. I will attempt to update it regularly at least with a weekly message. I am working, as time permits, on my own Gn15 island railroad which I will update here also on its own set of pages; The Grande Barbosa Islander.


Message from the artist

This is the first installment in this box. The new website is up and I hope running! I am an artist, not a webmaster. That being said, I am working on new additions to the O scale Frijole Flats series of structure kits. The original offerings are listed again and are in short supply. Several new kits will be offered in the coming months -- A Spanish style Depot, a Mercantile, a Sheriff’s Office and attached storefront and a new series within the series; Pepito’s Pintos Cannery. This will be a large “complex” of kits to form the bean cannery, which is the reason for the existence of Frijole Flats.


In Gn15 there will be a couple of new locos introduced as well as a few special items to remain unnamed at this time. You’ll just have to wait!


In HO scale I am rerunning the popular structure The Vicksburg Building. The real building was made famous in a Walker Evans photograph of 1940.


The series of Industrial Railway Sketchbooks is in stock also. This is an informative, soon to be five volume series of plans, articles and ideas for model railroaders interested in something a little different.

Thomas A Yorke Design Studio

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